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Why You Should Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

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When your drain is clogged, your first consideration may be the chemical drain cleaning solutions that you can buy in the store. But it is easier and safer to call a plumber to unclog your drain. Besides the current clog, they may also be able to clean out other spots to avoid additional problems in the near future.

Some of the chemical drain cleaners can be dangerous if not used correctly, especially if you mix different chemicals. If one type of chemical does not work, do not use another type since the mixture may cause poisonous gases. If you do put chemicals down the drain before calling a plumber, be sure to let the plumber know so they are aware of it. It may make a difference in the way they treat your problem.

There have been cases of the chemicals exploding and causing damage to the person or persons pouring the chemicals down the drain or in a close distance to the drain, even just using one chemical and following the directions. Everything that goes down the drain will eventually end up in the water treatment systems. So there is a chance it may not be removed from drinking water during the treatment process.

Depending on why type of pipes you have, some chemicals may cause your pipes to corrode. Even if they don’t corrode where the chemicals are located in the pipes, it may cause damage in a different part possibly closer to the street where there may also be tree root or other damage.

If you have a clogged drain, it may be worthwhile calling a plumber before attempting it on your own with chemical solutions you may be able to purchase. A plumber will have a better idea of how to deal with the clog and have the correct equipment to solve your problem.

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