Top 5 Issues That Can Be Avoided with Proper Drain Cleaning

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Most people don’t consider their drains as a main priority on their list of things to maintain in their home. In fact, many people don’t even clean their drains. However, this can lead to some major issues that can be very costly to repair if left neglected over long periods of time. This does not need to happen to your home’s drains. Following are the top five issues that can be avoided by implementing the proper drain cleaning techniques.

1. Clogged drains

No one likes to see the water build up in their drains. The only time water should accumulate is if you are purposely stopping water from drains. Though many drains can be unclogged with a simple plunger, some drains can become so clogged that you will need to hire a professional plumber to clean it.

2. Mold and mildew

Since drains are usually dark and warm, it is susceptible to mold and mildew buildup. Residents who are asthmatic may have more frequent asthma attacks or notice they have difficulty breathing. An extreme mold condition, such as black mold, is poisonous and extremely dangerous to inhale. Cleaning your drains can prevent mold and mildew from building up.

3. Erosion.

Tap water is treated with various chemicals, such as chlorine, iron, calcium and other elements. This can cause erosion inside drains, especially to steel surfaces. Though erosion is not necessarily an issue of health or safety, it is an issue of appeal. Erosion is often associated with decay and age. Eroded drains make a room appear rundown and old.

4. Odors

This is a common problem for sink drains. Tiny particles of food fall into the drain and become trapped. Over time, the food starts to decompose and cause foul odors. For some, the odors can become very foul, to the point that people don’t even want to walk into the kitchen. These odors can be hard to eliminate and may require harsh cleaning chemicals.

5. Emergency repair

In extreme cases, some drains become so neglected that a professional has to go inside the drain to repair it. This can result in minor construction work within your home. This is inconvenient to the homeowner and can become quite expensive. In these cases, you should find an emergency plumber to do the repairs to ensure your plumbing is back in proper working order as soon as possible.

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