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For a Great New Year’s Resolution, Go Tankless!

It’s almost 2020, and you’re probably thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to finally start going to the gym or kick that bad habit. Your friends at Petri Plumbing & Heating can suggest another great resolution: Install a tankless water heater in your Brooklyn home.

You’re Wasting Money Heating Water You Never Use

You’re Wasting Money Heating Water You Never Use

Tankless water heaters have been around for a while, but homeowners are starting to realize what a great value they are. It’s all down to one simple reason: with a tankless water heater, you’re only paying to heat the water you actually want to use.

Ordinary storage-type water heaters have a huge tank that sits in some dark corner of your home, quietly sucking electricity or fuel to keep its contents warm. They accumulate sludge and sediment over time, which can reduce their efficiency, and it always seems like they run out sooner than you’d like them to, giving rise to those dreaded cold showers.

Tankless Water Heaters Provide Decades of Reliable Water

Tankless water heaters provide energy-efficient, on-demand hot water. They’ve got longer lifespans than traditional water heaters, lasting 20 years or more, and they never run out of hot water no matter how much you use, or how many showers your family takes back to back. If you want, you can even install multiple tankless units across your home, so you always have access to hot water even while washing clothes or doing dishes.

Contact New York’s Green Plumbers

If you’re looking for a resolution that is guaranteed to pay off this year, consider joining us in going tankless. Contact Brooklyn’s family plumbers at Petri Plumbing & Heating to have a tankless unit installed in your home. Give us a call at (718) 748-1254 or contact Petri online to discuss what options are available for you.

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