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Tank vs Tankless Water Heaters for Your Brooklyn Home

Tank vs Tankless Water Heaters

Have you ever had one of the those moments when you’re in the midst of a nice, hot shower an then all of a sudden you start to feel it grow cooler and cooler and then…SURPRISE!!! You’re hit with what feels like icy, cold water. Now what?
It may seem that upgrading your current tank water heater from 20 gallons to 60 gallons might be the solution, or just resolve to taking short showers, but neither of these need to be the end-all-solution.

Tankless Water Heater Brooklyn NY

This issue can more appropriately be resolved by switching to a more efficient tankless water heater for your home. This new design of heating water takes up less space than your old tank water heater and is much more energy efficient, by only heating the water, as needed, instead of trying to keep a reservoir constantly heated. Without a tank to eventually rust out, no constant demand on your utilities to heat the water (which still seems to always run out at the worse possible moment!), with an increase in savings on your water and energy bill, the tankless heater will pay for itself in practically over time.

Looking to replace your old tank water heater with a tankless water heater? Contact Petri Plumbing and Heating, Inc., your water heater specialists, today at 718-748-1254.

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