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Suffering from a Clogged Toilet? Don’t Wait any Longer!

Clogged Toilet

When your toilet gets clogged, there are numerous approaches to getting your toilet back into working order.

The first approach is the classic plunger. This device is used to force water through the drain pipe, clearing the clog. Light clogs may require only a little effort to clear in this manner. Some, however, are more stubborn than others. One good way to improve the effectiveness of the plunging process is to plunge until the water level in the bowl is very low. After this has been accomplished, you can boil water and pour it into the bowl. The heated water is more effective at breaking up the materials that are causing the clog. This might make the plunger better at clearing the clog.Commercial products are another thing that can help you to clear a clogged toilet. Many of these exist, such as Drano and Liquid Plumber. One of the most effective of these are the “foaming pipe snake” products. The foam that is formed when this product is added to the water is able to work through the pipe and break up clog materials. It is very important to note that you should not use a plunger while this product is in the toilet. If any water splashes up into your eyes, it can cause permanent blindness!The coat hanger trick is another handy approach. You might have heard of using a coat hanger to get into a locked car, but it can help to clear a clogged toilet, as well. The coat hanger needs to be unwound and worked through the bend in the drain pipe. This can be a tricky task to accomplish, but is one of the most effective means of getting the toilet clear. For those who are alright with getting their hands dirty, this approach is one of the most tried and true.


To have your toilet unclogged professionally, contact your experienced, local plumber to ensure the job is done correctly. Plumbers are able to use high end tools such as motorized “snakes” to clear toilets and other draining devices.  These tools can also be rented. However, a professional plumber will be more familiar with how to operate them correctly to get the toilet to drain as optimally as possible.


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