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Signs You Need Water Heater Maintenance

Does your water heater need maintenance?

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Water heater maintenance

Your water heater consumes a significant amount of energy each day because it is constantly running to keep the water warm in your home. With that much usage, wear and tear happens at a much faster rate that in many other appliances in your home like a stove or washing machine. Here are a few signs that you need water heater maintenance.

Do a visual inspection of your water heater and look closely at the joints where the pipes extent out from the heater. The pipes should be clean and clear of any rust or corrosion. If you see any white corrosion forming on the pipes that lead in and out of your water heater, you should contact a plumber to inspect those lines. The pressure in those pipes is significant, and if they crack or break you could come home to a flood.

One sign you may need to have your water heater maintained is if you smell a strong odor of rotten eggs or sulfur. This is usually a sign that buildup has accumulated in the bottom of the heater and needs to drained immediately. If you are familiar with draining your water heater, you should allow all the water to completely flush out of the heater. If you are not, a plumber can assist you in draining the water heater and insuring that all the sediment in the bottom of the tank is removed properly.

If you see any tiny particles in your water, this can also be a sign the water heater needs maintenance. The sediment that build up at the bottom of the water heater slowly accumulate and then break apart and flows through the lines into your drinking water. If you see these particles call a plumber and have his rinse out the heater properly.

Your dishes and your shower glass can also show signs your heater needs to be maintained. Heavy spots on the glassware or shower doors is a sign of hard water. The buildup in the tank usually stays in the tank where it is safely away from you and your family, but when the build up is to excessive, your home will give you tell tale signs. Call a plumber for a water heater maintenance and your glassware will shine again.

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