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Shopping for a Water Heater? Here are a Few Things to Consider

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For years now, the day after Thanksgiving has been marked as the biggest shopping day of the year and the beginning of deals on vital goods and appliances. Given the rough winter weather New York has witnessed already, now is as good a time as any to shop in order to keep your Brooklyn home warm. If you’ve been experiencing colder showers, slower warm-up times or other water heating issues, having your water heater either replaced or inspected can restore your comfort.

Before shopping for a new water heater in Brooklyn, there are some key considerations to take into account. Design is paramount as there are four types of water heaters that are made to work in residential homes: Traditional, Indirect Hot Water, Tankless and Hybrid.

Traditional: These are the most common type of water heater and feature a cylinder storage tank. Cold water is fed by an inlet pipe, heated and then sent to the plumbing system. These are typically fueled by gas or electricity and while most gas units are more expensive initially, the operational cost can be significantly less than electric units.

Indirect Hot Water:  While these utilize storage tanks, they are highly popular among plumbers for their high efficiency levels due to the use of a home’s boiler as a heat source. They produce two to three times the amount of hot water as a standard heater, can store between 30 and 200 gallons of water, and because they lack chimney’s, have very little stand by heat loss.

Tankless: Like the name implies, these units lack the storage tank of a traditional water heater and as a result, are smaller in size. They utilize a heating element fueled by either an electric coil or natural gas and heat water only when requested. Because they are not having to constantly heat water, they are less likely to fail and can save operational costs. Tankless units may however lack the power of traditional units for larger homes or colder water and are more expensive initially.

Hybrid: These units combine conventional electrical storage heaters with an air pump to heat the water. The pumps pull heat from the air surrounding the unit and as a result, these units tend to operate 60 percent more efficiently than standard electric heaters. While appealing, hybrid units are the largest of the three and need up to 1,000 cubic feet of uncooled space to capture the surrounding heat.

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Deciding which water heater design is right for your home or business is dependent on a handful of factors such as occupancy, square feet, climate, budget and more. Before you pick however, you may want to have your current system inspected by trusted professionals, such as the more than 100 years’ experience of Brooklyn Plumbers, Petri Plumbing. Units less than 10-years-old can sometimes be repaired cheaper than replacing and if your water is heating poorly, it might not even be the heater’s issue. Frequently, faulty supply lines, anode lines, pilot lights, circuit breakers, or thermostats can cause the issues, instead of the heater itself. Having a home inspection first, is a smart move to make before you invest in a new system.

If you’re looking for trusted water heater solutions in Brooklyn, make sure your home or business is covered by the area’s family company since 1906. Call Petri Plumbing at (718) 748-1254 today!

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