Heating System Maintenance: What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Gross Return Pipe

Corroded Return Pipe from a Boiler

Did you know that doing heating system maintenance isn’t just a suggestion? If you don’t do your boiler maintenance regularly, it can have some disastrous effects. Not only will your heating system have to work harder, which can cause a huge uptick in the number of times you have to call for boiler repair, but your heating can stop working entirely.

When your boiler does its job, water is continually evaporating inside. Eventually, any minerals that have been dissolved in the water become solid (or solid-ish) again and begin to stick to the sides of the boiler. This often takes the form of a loose and slimy substance known as sludge. Sludge is more common in return pipes, at bends in pipes, and generally in places that are cooler, because the lower temperature allows the minerals to more easily separate from the water.

If you call us for heating system maintenance and you have a boiler, one of the things we do is check for sludge and remove what we can find. Since sludge is a fact of life with boilers, periodic boiler maintenance is the only way to be sure that sludge isn’t collecting in your pipes.

Get too much sludge and you’ll be calling us for heating repair instead of maintenance. Excessive sludge can keep heat away from certain rooms, cause your boiler to make unusual noises, cause leaks in your heating system and more.

Sure, boiler maintenance may feel like a pain, but it’s a lot easier than needing an emergency repair, going without heat, or having to replace your boiler entirely. If you haven’t had heating system maintenance done in a while, make your appointment with Petri today. We’ll come out and make sure your boiler gets cleaned out so it can last for a long time!

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