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5 Ways to Unclog a Toilet

using a plunger to unclog a brooklyn toilet

It’s an ugly fact of life and happens to all of us.

We’re talking about a clogged toilet. And, while the expert Brooklyn plumbers at Petri Plumbing & Heating are happy to help you with all your plumbing needs at any time, we’d like to offer these five tips to unclog your toilet before you call your friendly plumber. Read on or feel free to give our drain clog pros a call today!

1) Taking the plunge

The very first step to take is to grab your plunger. If you don’t have one, go out now and buy one. Not only are they efficient at removing clogs, they can also help you avoid a toilet overflow, which can result in some fetid spillage.

The best plungers for toilets are those with a bell and a flange that drops down and fits perfectly in the toilet bowl outlet. The trick to effective plunging is to create a good seal. You may need to put a little petroleum jelly on the flange to accomplish this, but once you have a tight fit, plunge as vigorously as possible. Hopefully, this does the trick.

2) Creating a kid’s science project

If the plunging doesn’t work, the next step is to create a kid’s model volcano in your toilet. By putting in a little baking soda, vinegar and boiling water into the boil, you can create a gentle cleaner that is as effective and less damaging than a chemical unclogging agent.

Let this sit for several hours. This works by slowing dissolving the clog and allowing the plunger to work more effectively.

3) Hoping for Dawn

Another tried and true method of unclogging a toilet involves dropping in some dish soap. Dishwashing liquids that cut grease, like Dawn, for example, are your best bet as they help dissolve some of the fats that may have built up in the pipes, which could be helping to create the clog.

You may also need to wait a few hours for this method to work, but it can also assist your plunger once the grease has dissipated.

4) Hanging on

While Faye Dunaway’s Joan Crawford may have hated wire hangers, they are certainly something every home needs, albeit not for hanging clothes.

A wire hanger can be untwisted and reformed into a makeshift snake that can be used to poke at the clog and hopefully break it up. Be sure to flush the toilet several times after breaking up the clog to make sure it’s all clear.

5) Snaking it

If all else fails, your next trip could be to the hardware store to buy a plumbing snake. Be sure you get one that is made for toilets or you could end up with a snake that is too big or may damage your toilet drain.

Once you have your snake, place the auger in the hole and simply turn the handle on the crank to maneuver the snake through the drain and, eventually, through the clog.

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