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Clean Pipes To Prevent Costly Floods And Accidents
Clean Pipes To Prevent Costly Floods And Accidents

With school starting and the colder weather approaching, late summer is the perfect time to address any plumbing or drain concerns you may have, especially whether or not you have clean pipes.

Slow or clogged drains or pipes can be caused by numerous situations including: foreign objects, tree roots, hair, organic matter and a build-up of sediment, oil, grease, or other material. If you have a problem that keeps coming back, you need to take it seriously and have an expert Brooklyn plumbing expert like Petri Plumbing perform an inspection.

Here are three situations where an expert is needed for clean pipes:

Unpleasant odors are emanating from drains or fixtures

If there is an odor every now and then from a garbage disposal that dissipates when the disposal is run, it’s probably not an emergency. But if a foul smell is present most of the time, it could mean you have a serious problem and you need a professional to inspect your drains and pipes as soon as possible.

A perpetually “slow” to drain sink, tub or shower

Typically, this is a complaint that many homeowners experience, and is often caused by hair clogs. A common liquid drain cleaner might help, but if it continues, you have a problem that could be very serious if left untreated. There could be an obstruction or a degradation of some piping that could end up causing an emergency situation.

All your plumbing is draining slowly

This is a very serious issue, and needs to be investigated as soon as possible. As plumbing and drain experts, we have seen this situation go from an annoyance to a major backup and flooding of sewer and drain lines into the home.

Drain issues can mean big problems, and a slow drain is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t hesitate, get your drains inspected in late summer, while the pipes and drains are easily accessed! Waiting until an emergency exists is never a good plan! Contact Petri Plumbing today.

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