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Chill Out: Avoiding Wintertime Boiler Problems with Summertime Maintenance

In the middle of a sweltering summer in Brooklyn and Manhattan, homeowners might just forget that frigid winter temperatures are only months away. It’s easy to forget the boiler in their basement even exists until it’s needed. That’s not the time to find out it doesn’t work.

All the cool kids know that summertime is the perfect time to get your boiler ready for next winter with Petri Plumbing. Why wait until your turning blue to find out your Brooklyn home boiler is on the fritz?

What can boiler experts do?

Our boiler experts offer economical in-home consultations to diagnosis and fix any potential problems. An inspection and tune up can ensure that big problems don’t grow out of small ones. We can replace worn-out controls, valves, or piping, find and fix oil leaks, and replace or repair worn-out venting systems.

Repair or replace your boiler?

Although home boilers can usually be repaired before replacement is necessary, should the need arise, Petri Plumbing is BAXI certified in boiler installation. With the older home boilers only running at 50 to 60 percent efficiency, it might make sense to take advantage of the newest technology available in new boiler systems.  The latest are very energy-efficient and can lower your heating cost. Why stay cold with an older boiler and pay high utility bills for the privilege?

Who to call to repair your boiler?

Boiler heating systems are complicated. An amateur technician can make an expensive mess of things that requires a professional to sort out. Rely on the professionals to answer your questions about the advantages of repairing or replacing your system. Petri Plumbing is certified to repair or replace Viessmann, Baxi, Noritz, Navien, Bosch, and other tankless boilers. Petri Plumbing is also certified to repair or replace your standard atmospheric boilers such as Burnham, Weil McLain, New Yorker, Slant/Fin, and H.B. Smith.

Don’t wait until the winter to find out that the boiler system in your Brooklyn or NYC home isn’t working at its best. Call the Brooklyn home boiler experts at Petri Plumbing at (718) 748-1254 and have one of our boiler professionals help you determine the best course of action.

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